Understanding Global Issues

Briefings and books about the big issues of our time

Many of the titles marked OOP (out of print) are available as downloadable PDFs. If you order PDF versions we will send you an email with instructions for downloading them as soon as your payment has been accepted.

Issue Title Date Price
Out Now
  Zimbabwe: A new beginning?08/08/2008£3.95
  Globalisation 2008: Change and continuity in a shrinking world14/02/2008£4.50
  The Rise of Political Islam11/01/2007£3.50
  The Democratic Republic of Congo: Poverty in the midst of plenty29/06/2006£3.50
  France 2006: On the verge of revolution?04/06/2006£3.50
  Globalising India: Goodbye Gandhi, hello world19/12/2005£3.50
  Putin's Russia : Becoming a 'normal country'?06/09/2004£2.95
  Slavery: Blight on the 21st Century19/08/2004£4.50
  The IMF and the World Bank16/02/2004£2.95
  Millions of Migrants: Seeking asylum and a better life09/09/2002£2.95
  Global Warming: Science, politics and nature11/06/2002£2.95
  The World of Islam: Tradition, change and conflict17/10/2001£2.95
  Ukraine: In Russia's shadow12/04/2001£2.95
  The Water Crisis31/03/2001£2.95
  Saudi Arabia: Desert Kingdom in Transition21/12/2000£2.95
  Globalised Sport: Media, money and morals22/09/2000£2.95
  Nigeria's New Dawn: Last chance for the patchwork state?01/03/1999£2.95
  The Energy Dilemma: The dominance of fossil fuels28/07/1998£2.95
  Multinational Business: Beyond government control?18/11/1997£2.95
  The Plight of Afghanistan: Is any end in sight?15/07/1997£2.95
  Climate change: What's happening to the weather?29/05/1997£2.95
  Migrants and Refugees: Millions of people on the move01/05/1996OOP
  The Troubled Balkans: Europe's tinderbox30/01/1996OOP
  Renewable Energy: Wind and water power08/01/1994£2.50
  Flags of Europe: Symbols of nationhood01/01/1994OOP
  The Pacific Rim: Powerhouse of the 21st century18/02/1993OOP
  Geothermal Energy: Power at the heart of the planet18/01/1993OOP
  Feeding the World: The importance of wheat and soya18/01/1993OOP
  Earthquakes & Volcanoes: Living with the restless Earth18/01/1993OOP
  Europe 1993: A wider or deeper Community?18/01/1993£1.75
  World Urbanisation: The dominance of the city11/06/1992£1.75
  Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia: Turbulence along the Nile02/01/1980OOP
  The Irish Question: Division and reconciliation02/01/1980OOP