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Zimbabwe: A new beginning?

Since the bitterly disputed elections of March 2008 the eyes of the world have been on Zimbabwe. Its economy has crashed into hyperinflation and widespread hunger. Few can understand how Mugabe's regi...

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The Rise of Political Islam

Islam has always been a 'political' religion, in the sense that, to a far greater extent than Judaism or Christianity, it prescribes rules for personal conduct that put the community before the indivi...

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The Democratic Republic of Congo: Poverty in the midst of plenty

In the four-year war in the Congo from 1998 to 2002 more people were killed than in any other conflict since World War II. Yet the crisis in the Congo was far from inevitable. Periods of democratic op...

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Globalising India: Goodbye Gandhi, hello world

India is expected to become the world's third largest economy within 20-30 years. A nuclear power with a population of over a billion and a fast-developing consumer society, India is an increasingly i...

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Rubbish! The worldwide problem of waste
Zimbabwe 2008: A new beginning?
Afghanistan 2008: No end in sight

As usual, the programme is provisional, and may be changed if world events require.

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